Wine producer making hand sanitiser as COVID-19 response

Image: Michael, Elizabeth and Andrew Calabria packing hand sanitiser

With the impact of coronavirus on the Riverina’s vulnerable and elderly, Calabria Family Wines is diverting its resources from winemaking to care packages and hand sanitiser in an effort to help those in need.

Calabria Family Wines will roll out individually packed ‘Calabria Care Boxes’ to vulnerable seniors in the Griffith region who have been affected by the pandemic.

Additionally, the Calabria Family has reallocated grape spirit resources destined for its Tawny and Muscat wines to instead create bulk hand sanitiser to donate to local health centres and hospitals.

This follows the recent leniency of regulation by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for use of food grade alcohol in hand sanitisers.

In total, the family has sourced enough supply for 200 individual care packages and more than 5,000 2L units of liquid sanitiser for donation, with plans to produce more.

To find those most in need, the Calabria family has begun reaching out to local retirement villages and hospital services in the local area to deliver these essential items.

“In Calabria Family Wines’ 75-year history, we’ve been extremely fortunate to have the support of the Riverina community,” third-generation sales & marketing manager Andrew Calabria said.

“It’s devastating to see the toll the pandemic has had on the region, especially for those heading to the shops finding it difficult or impossible to purchase the things they need.

“The community has always been there for us, now it’s our turn to return the favour. “Mum and Dad taught us to be generous as people and generous in business. It is something that flows through how we operate Calabria Family Wines today.

“We hope, despite recent events, we can provide a bit of comfort and relief to those who need it most.”

The Calabria Care Boxes will be delivered free of charge (and contact-free) from today. Interested individuals should contact Calabria Family Wines by phone, e-mail or at and supply a valid NSW Seniors Card to register to receive a care package.

“While we’re starting with a small base of packages for locals in need, our aim is to reach 2000 care packages over the coming month. As we grow the number of suppliers contributing to the care packages, we’ll be able to help more people in the region. Any interested companies looking to take part should contact us with items they are able to contribute or provide at cost price,” Calabria said.

Care packages and hand sanitiser will begin making their way to registered individuals and the health industry today. Calabria will also release its hand sanitiser to the public in the coming weeks.

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