Wine industry maintains export revenue growth

The latest annual Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory (WID) reveals global demand for Australian wine showing no signs of waning in 2019 with the value of exports continuing its upward trajectory of another 4% to $2.86 billion, coupled with a 10% increase in value per litre achieved at $3.58 per litre.

Though exports to China dropped by 17% in volume, they increased in value by 8% to $1.1 billion.

Exports to the UK and USA exceeded China in volume terms but the UK export average value was only $1.58 per litre, compared with China paying an average $7.45 per litre, up by 30% on the previous year.

Prospects of growing post-Brexit exports and wine value to the UK remain positive with the Australian Government working towards a free trade agreement.

Wine grapes intake was down 2.9% to $1,728,454 tonnes, from the national crush of 1.73 million tonnes, up by 3% and just above the 2015 intake.

While wine imports were up by 4%, domestic sales were down by 0.4% to $494,000. Overall Australian wine producers achieved improved total revenues estimated at $3.5 billion.

Grapegrowers continued to enjoy price increases experienced in recent years with average grape prices up by 9% to $664 per tonne.

Australia continues to produce 127 varieties, with Shiraz remaining the dominant variety with 44% of the total red grapes crush at 419,000 tonnes. Shiraz prices increased by an average of 9% in 2019, with Chardonnay the major white variety, being down in production terms by 12 % but up by 7% in prices achieved.

Prosecco, the wine variety under challenge by Italy to keep its Australian branding, increased its crush by 42% to 9936 tonnes, accompanied by a purchase price increase of 10%.

The 37th edition WID published by Winetitles Media and released today, shows the number of wine companies dropped 1% to a total 2232 producers mainly in Victoria. Additional producers were recorded in SA and TAS.

The WID data also shows Australia is placed 7th wine producer in the world by volume, again led by measure of intake and volume of wine produced by Accolade Wines, which was also the country’s largest producer of wine products.

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) maintained its dominance as the largest Australian exporter of wine, largest revenue earner and biggest producer in terms of vineyard area with 72 vineyards.

Major revenues were again concentrated among the top five wine companies – Treasury Wine Estates, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Accolade Wines, Casella Wines and Australian Vintage.

The Directory has listed all Australian wine companies who commercially sell wine every year since 1983, making it an invaluable barometer of trends, personnel and the overall health of the industry.

The 2020 edition published in print and online, includes an updated comprehensive listing of wine producers, grape growers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, universities, research and education facilities, writers, wine publications, wine blogs, organisations and industry personnel.

The WID includes the Wine Industry Directory Buyers’ Guide, which is also now available as an app. The benefits to users include having immediate access via a phone or tablet device to industry products and services, even when offline, plus easy navigation and hyperlinks to supplier websites.

As information evolves and new media delivery methods are developed, The Directory will continue to offer additional digital sections and information for the Australian and New Zealand industries.

Purchasers of The Directory also receive access to the WID Online, and can search listings, via Winetitles Media’s website. The Directory is available from Winetitles Media for A$115.00 in Australia/New Zealand and A$175.00 overseas. (Prices include postage and includes a subscription to the online search engine).

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