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LCBO Middle Nesting Table Program 2021

Location: Ontario, Canada


Event Date: 18 July-21 August 2021

Please check the organiser website for any changes due to COVID-19.

Contact Details

Association: Wine Australia
Email: [email protected]


This program will place the participating 8-12 SKUS in prime middle nesting tables (large rectangular tables with complimenting smaller side tables or baskets) across 144 stores in Ontario.

Wine Australia will focus this promotion around the theme of ‘Sustainability’ highlighting the diversity of wine styles, expressions, regions, and terroir within Australia and the dedication of Australian winemakers to sustainability on a local and global scale.

This will highlight the breadth of choice and selections to the consumer, bringing freshness and excitement through thoughtful promotional messaging. Key messaging will reach consumers via the LCBO website and app through investment from Wine Australia core funding.

The overarching in-store theme will highlight ‘Summer BBQ’.

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