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Barrel Tasting Weekend

Location: Bendigo, VIC


Event Date: 11-12 July 2021

Please check the organiser website for any changes due to COVID-19.

Contact Details

Contact: Tim Parry, Executive Officer
Association: Bendigo Winegrowers Association Inc.
Address: PO Box 2288, BDC
Bendigo VIC 3554 Australia
Telephone: 1300 656 650
Email: [email protected]


Get exclusive access to the barrel rooms of Bendigo’s wineries

Do you enjoy wine and want to know more about where this glorious stuff comes from? Bendigo region wineries will throw open the doors of their barrel rooms so you can taste wine straight from the barrel.

Like eating cherries from the tree or bread just out of the oven, tasting wine from the barrel is tasting the magic of winemaking.

On both days, winemakers will take you on a tour of their barrel rooms and give you a hint of the romance of winemaking with wine samples straight from their barrels. The wine will be at differing stages of maturation so you’ll be able to taste the differences between wine ageing in barrels and then the bottled product.

If you fall in love with a certain drop, be sure to check with the winemaker about a pre-release purchase at a special price.

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