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Book your display advertisement now to receive the following benefits:

  • Priority positioning within your chosen classification, based on display advertisement size
  • Key person listed under the Personnel section
  • Colour logo in Suppliers Alphabetical section
  • Unlimited listings in the Buyers’ Guide section pointing to the page of your display advertisement

  • Up to 50 word description on your landing page providing greater opportunities for promoting your products and services to the wine industry
  • Your display advertisement linked through to your website
  • Colour logo linked through to your website
  • Unlimited listings all linked through to your website and your landing page

PLUS a copy of the printed 2018 Directory,which includes WID Online access.


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For further information on advertising in the Wine Industry Directory contact Nicole Evans on +618 8369 9513.

Booking deadline is 25th October 2017
Artwork Due Date 16th November 2017

WID 2018 Online Booking

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1. Ad description or Order number

2. Ad format

For multiple bookings, please re-submit this form.

Full Page Colour (297mm x 210mm wide) (for bleed add 5mm on all sides)
Full Page Mono (297mm x 210mm wide) (for bleed add 5mm on all sides)
Half Page Horizontal Colour (130mm x 185mm wide)
Half Page Mono Horizontal (130mm x 185mm wide)
Quarter Page Colour Vertical (130mm x 90mm wide)
Quarter Page Mono Vertical (130mm x 90mm wide)
Premium Back, Inside Covers and Tab Positions on request - Colour Only (POA)*

*Strictly limited availability

3. Ad material supplies

Supply an existing ad
I will supply an advertisement ready for publication. Please download the ad specification sheet to ensure that the ad you submit is appropriate.
Request new ad design
I would like a new advertisement designed for me. I will send new copy and any other necessary materials (logos, photographs, etc) to arrive no later than 20th October 2017.
Repeat existing ad
Repeat last year's advertisement(s).
Repeat existing ad with alterations
Repeat last years advertisement(s) with alterations.

4. Ad placement

Specify placement:
PRINT I would like a preferred position. Please place my advertisement in the buyers' guide classification. Preferred positions will incur a loading fee of $330 (incl. GST); all other advertisements will be placed at the discretion of the editor.
ONLINE I would like to be listed in the TOP 10 in the online buyers' guide classification. Preferred positions will incur a loading fee of $220 (incl. GST); this fee will not be added until a consultant has contacted you to discuss.
NO specific placement or specified buyers' guide category. No preferred position. Advertisements will be placed at the discretion of the editor.

5. Contact details






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6. Conditions

CONDITIONS PLACING ADVERTISEMENTS: The Company does not accept any responsibility for any loss caused by failure of an advertisement to appear in any day, or for any inaccuracy in an advertisement, or for any error in classification of an advertisement.
COLOUR GUARANTEE: The Company does not guarantee specific colours within an advertisement unless The Company is supplied with a colour corrected hard-copy proof with the electronic files submitted.
CANCELLATIONS: If Advertiser cancels a placement after the booking deadline, The Company will charge Advertiser the casual or contract rate of the placement, whichever is applicable.
COPY NOT RECEIVED BY DEADLINE: If Advertiser has booked a placement and The Company does not receive material or artwork by 16th November 2017 for the Wine Industry Directory, The Company may insert material or artwork previously used and/or charge Advertiser accordingly.
PAYMENT TERMS: Where credit terms have been approved, Advertiser agrees to make payment within 30 days from the date of The Company's invoice/s.
FAILURE TO PAY: In the event that Advertiser fails to pay within 30 days, The Company may reject any further advertising material and/or immediately cancel Advertiser's advertising contract. Advertiser agrees to indemnify The Company for all expenses incurred in connection with the collection of amounts payable, including administrative expenses, debt collection, court costs, and legal fees.
FAILURE TO FULFIL CONTRACT: Advertiser agrees that, if Advertiser fails to meet the terms of their advertising contract, Advertiser will pay the casual rate for every insertion Advertiser placed from the commencement of the contract.
REVISING ADVERTISING RATES: The Company may revise its advertising rates at any time.
COPYRIGHT: Copyright in advertisements created by The Company resides with The Company and advertisements created by The Company may not be reproduced except with The Company's consent.
RIGHT TO DECLINE OR MODIFY: The Company reserves the right to decline or modify any advertisement for any reason whatsoever.
INDEMNITY: Advertiser agrees to hold harmless and indemnify The Company from all damages, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever, for which The Company may become liable by reason of its publication of the Advertiser's advertisements.

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