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2015 vintage report for Goulburn Valley (Victoria)

In yet another affirmation of the climate change theorists, the 2015 harvest at Goulburn Valley commenced earlier than any vintage that preceded it.
The harvest officially launched into action on 6 February with both white and red varieties ripening with remarkable synchronicity, according to Travis Clydesdale, Mitchelton winemaker.
As oppose to the extreme heat of past years, it was a relatively mild summer which resulted in the early ripening of both red and white varieties.
“It’s the mild conditions with efficient ripening that we prefer to be presented with in the lead up to harvest,” Clydesdale said.
Early impressions suggested Riesling would again be a highlight for the season with delightful floral aromatics of lime and spring flowers backed by mouth-watering acid, according to Clydesdale.
“Although Shiraz is invariably the star of every vintage at Mitchelton, it would seem that Cabernet Sauvignon is rallying across the region and has mounted a late charge for the title of vintage champion,” he said. “We’ve seen some spectacular parcels of Cabernet coming through the winery over the last few weeks and expect that final quality will be outstanding.”
Clydesdale said although Goulburn Valley was not noted as a Cabernet Sauvignon region, the variety has performed exceptionally well over the years and has been the core element of some of the best wines to come out of Nagambie Lakes.
“Could the tide be turning? Only time will tell…”