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2014 vintage report for Mount Barker (Western Australia)

After near perfect growing conditions, full-flavoured wines were expected from Mount Barker’s 2014 vintage.
According to the Mount Barker Wine Producers Association, growing conditions were ideal with mild temperatures, cool nights and low rain fall recorded.
As of 8 April some vineyards had finished picking while others were in its final weeks.
Mount Barker Wine Producers Association president and Galafrey Wines chief executive officer Kim Tyrer said yields appeared to be mixed across the region.
“Some producers experienced lower yields and others showed yields up between 5 to 10 per cent,” he said.
“Galafrey is a dry grown vineyard, so the drier than normal conditions resulted in lower yields in some varieties, particularly the reds, but the flavours are awesome.”
West Cape Howe Wines winemaker Gavin Berry said it had been a great season for the company with rainfall in September coming at a critical time.
“The rain in September and October set us up for a good season and helped our vines establish a good canopy,” he added.
“The analysis looks like we have great fruit flavours coming through, there has been no disease pressure and the fruit has been allowed to ripen in a consistent manner.
“We finished picking our reds in early April, but all in all I don’t think we could have asked for a better season.”