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2013 vintage report for Granite Belt (Queensland)

The 2013 vintage on the Granite Belt got off to a great start in early February with high anticipation of a bumper harvest following early good rain.
The whites started being harvested without problem and are showing good varietal characters, while the reds were harvested with more difficulty.
“The reds started with unseasonal heat that forced the reds into early veraison,” said Sarah Reeves, marketing and business manager of Granite Belt Wine and Tourism.
“This was followed by extensive rain over several weeks accompanied by cloudy weather conditions, bringing sugar levels in the reds to a halt.
Continuing rain meant some reds were harvested 1-2Be less than desired, with some varieties suffering rot damage and a 10-30% loss.”
She said whites will be the standout from 2013, as they show excellent flavours, while reds are lacking intensity and Baume.
Pinotage, Fiano, Saperavi and Sangiovese are the new welcome varieties for 2013.
Sirromet Wines chief winemaker Adam Chapman said his yields were about 20-50% up, and 30% up on flavours.
“It has been one of our best vintages in 14 years, and certainly in the top three,” he said.