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2008 vintage report for Mudgee (New South Wales)

By Rosie Dorney Chair of viticulture sub-committee Mudgee Wine Grape Growers’ Association Inc. The 2008 vintage was a challenging one in Mudgee, but not in the way that was expected at pruning time 12 months ago. Availability of irrigation water was the major concern early in the season, but frequent rain from mid-October meant little […]

2008 vintage report for Orange (New South Wales)

By Justin Byrne President Orange Region Vignerons’ Association Inc. A cool growing season, good rain and a warm finish proved to be close to ideal conditions for the Orange region. As some growers put it, the 2008 vintage rebounded surprisingly well after a disastrous 2007. With the return to a cooler summer and a deeper […]

2008 vintage report for Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

By Patrick Auld President Hunter Valley Vineyard Association Inc. The 2008 vintage weather in the Hunter Valley was a test, but this winemaking area has variable harvest conditions from year to year, so it had not really been unexpected by the older winemakers in the community. The Hunter Valley had some interesting weather changes in […]

2008 vintage report for Canterbury (NZ)

By the Canterbury Wine Growers’ Association Inc. Overall, this past year has been a challenging one for many Canterbury growers. An October frost did some damage to vineyards without frost protection, and cool weather in February and in autumn slowed ripening in some vineyards. Harvest commenced in late April and was completed by 18 May. […]

2008 vintage report for Pyrenees (Victoria)

By Pyrenees Grapegrowers & Winemakers’ Association Like much of Australia, the 2008 grape harvest in the Pyrenees was early and compressed compared with historical averages. However, for those who did not run out of water it was a welcome return to above average tonnages and quality. Average autumn and winter rains during 2007 recharged the […]

2008 vintage report for Nelson (NZ)

By Mike Brown Chairman Nelson Winegrowers’ Association Inc. The Nelson harvest started about two weeks ahead of normal due to the long, warm summer. We had settled weather during flowering/fruitset, so crop levels could be termed ‘a nice average’, though some sites were affected by a frost on 18 October and, therefore, early varieties such […]

2008 vintage report for New Zealand

The 2008 New Zealand grape harvest rose 39% from 2007 to 285,000t. According to New Zealand Winegrowers 2008 Vintage Survey the jump is due to a combination of an increased producing area and favourable growing conditions. New Zealand Winegrowers chief executive Philip Gregan said the increased harvest was a “real opportunity to grow sales in […]

2008 vintage report for Tasmania

By Stuart Nettlefold Executive Officer Wine Industry Tasmania The Tasmanian vintage started in late February and finished in the first week of June. Yields were in the upper range with bunch weights appearing to be similar to 2004 and 2001, which should give Tasmania a record harvest of approximately 10,000t from 1300ha. Tasmania experienced clear […]

2008 vintage report for South Burnett (Queensland)

By Peter Stewart Clovely Estate On behalf of the South Burnett wine region Like many wine regions of Australia the South Burnett not only had to deal with the trials and tribulations of vintage but also had to contend with a feisty Mother Nature. The continuing pressure from the drought seriously impacted on water availability, […]

2008 vintage report for Canberra (NSW/ACT)

By Ken Helm Helm Wines On behalf of the Canberra wine region Helm Wines located at Murrumbateman experienced dry, warm conditions from early February to the last day of harvest, then enjoyed 20mm of rain. The 2008 vintage was a record crush for Helm Wines (over 60t) which included 2000 cases of Riesling. The 2008 […]

2008 vintage report for Mount Benson (South Australia)

By Ralph Fowler Ralph Fowler Wines On behalf of the Mount Benson Vignerons’ Association Inc. The 2008 vintage in the Mount Benson wine region has brought smiles to everyone’s faces. All the fruit from the region sold and yields were slightly above average. The hot, dry conditions were a blessing, not a curse, and the […]

2008 vintage report for Padthaway (South Australia)

By Graham Kaye President Padthaway Grapegrowers’ Association Inc. The 2007-08 season was again a difficult one in that, after a winter of reasonable rainfall, there was a continuation of drought conditions through summer and then a prolonged period of particularly hot weather in early March that impacted on fruit maturity. Winter was relatively mild with […]

2008 vintage report for Langhorne Creek (South Australia)

By Lian Jaensch Executive Officer Langhorne Creek Wine Industry Council Again, it was an early, compressed vintage period for Langhorne Creek with harvesters rolled out at the start of February and all but packed away by the end of March. This year has been a vintage of extremes and logistical chaos, to say the least, […]

2008 vintage report for McLaren Vale (South Australia)

By Amy Richards Viticulture Officer McLaren Vale Grape Wine & Tourism Association The record 15-day heatwave interrupted perfect vintage conditions in McLaren Vale in 2008, causing the most condensed harvest in the region’s history. Vintage started in the first week of February, slightly earlier than average. Cool and dry conditions during berry ripening were conducive […]

2008 vintage report for Gippsland (Victoria)

By Graham Scott Media Officer Wines of Gippsland Inc. The short report for Gippsland is that it all happened early and very quickly. In the west, harvest began with Sauvignon Blanc mid-February and while most of the grapes were picked by April, some southerly-facing slopes held fruit until early May to ensure full ripeness. In […]

2008 vintage report for Mildura (VIC)

By Farrell Estate Wines On behalf of the Mildura wine region The 2008 vintage in Mildura had ideal conditions. The weather supplied great ripening conditions for the grapes this year. The January mean temperature of 33.7°C was slightly warmer than 2007, however, not as hot as 2006. February and March were slightly cooler, allowing better […]

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