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2005 vintage report for South Burnett (Queensland)

The South Burnett wine region has enjoyed it most successful vintage during its short history. Both yield and quality were up compared to previous seasons. Approximately 2000 tonnes of fruit was crushed—a record for the area. Verdelho, Chardonnay and Semillon enjoyed the warm, dry conditions which resulted in yields of 10-15 t/ha being harvested. Verdelho—the […]

2005 vintage report for Margaret River (Western Australia)

The 2005 vintage in Margaret River, whilst outstanding, could have been recorded as the “vintage of all vintages”, had it not been for a number of scattered rain events in March and late April. Ripening for most varieties was even and optimum, resulting in white wines which display fresh varietal characters typical of cooler years. […]

2005 vintage report for Great Southern (Western Australia)

Vintage in the Great Southern got off to a flying start in early March with the harvest of some exceptional quality Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. The moderate spring weather conditions led to the development of grapes with good flavour definition and ideal natural acidity. It is anticipated the 2005 whites will develop into wines […]

2005 vintage report for Canberra (NSW/ACT)

The Canberra District experienced only moderate winter run-off to fill dams in the lead up to the 2005 vintage. However, there were useful spring rains with early warm weather, but later moderately cool to overcast conditions prevailed early in the spring. There was some relatively light summer rainfall with mild weather into January and an […]

2005 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

The Wine Grapes Marketing Board’s early analysis of fruit samples showed a promise of outstanding quality fruit for the 2005 vintage. Disruptions to vine ripening activity caused by inconsistent climatic changes during final maturation did little to alter this view. Rain recorded during September to April was a maximum of 120 mm, although this varied […]

2005 vintage report for Orange (New South Wales)

‘2005 in Orange and the Central Ranges was undoubtedly the best vintage of my winemaking life,’ Philip Shaw, chief executive of Cumulus Wines, has declared. He said the cold weather and spring rains made for a difficult start, as some vineyards had to shoot thin twice to control vigour. ‘After November 2004, it was dry […]

2005 vintage report for Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

The growing season for the 2005 vintage followed a very dry winter, with soil moisture levels at budburst a concern. Early spring rains proved adequate, and replenished water deficits. The major seasonal influence that followed through spring and early summer were mild, steady temperatures reminiscent of the great 2000 vintage. In general terms, the weather […]

2005 vintage report for Yarra Valley (Victoria)

In the words of winemaker Rob “Sticks” Dolan, 2005 in the Yarra Valley was ‘Phenomenal—a cracker of a year for red and white. We couldn’t have wished for a better season.’ 2005 in the Yarra Valley will be remembered as an outstanding vintage of two distinctive climatic halves. Spring was cool and mild with adequate […]

2005 vintage report for Pyrenees (Victoria)

The Australian wine industry is talking about a great 2005 vintage and with limited exception the Pyrenees region is confident it will be an exceptional year for winemaking in the region. Unusual in some ways, it was a relatively dry and warm growing season yet unlike other years had very few extremely hot days. The […]

2005 vintage report for Perricoota (Victoria)

The 2005 vintage in Perricoota was dominated by southerly winds causing a cooler-than-average summer. The milder weather has been ideal for flavour development, and has allowed Perricoota to produce high quality wine this season. The slow ‘flavour ripening’ experienced was not always correlated with slow ‘sugar ripening’, and in many cases (especially in red varieties) […]

2005 vintage report for Murray Darling (NSW/Victoria)

Near-to-perfect weather and good-to-exceptional quality. That’s the snapshot view of the 2005 vintage in the Murray Valley. The downsides to the season were the further reduction in prices and the leaving behind of some Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz. Working out how much remained unsold is largely anecdotal at this time of the year, […]

2005 vintage report for King Valley (Victoria)

Good winter rains preceded the start to the season with budburst occurring in mid–late September throughout the valley. Average temperatures prevailed during October and November and the customary mid-October cold snap did not eventuate this season. The average temperatures, coupled with below average rainfall resulted in steady shoot growth in the lead up to flowering […]

2005 vintage report for Henty (Victoria)

After an October frost and a cool spring which resulted in a reduced fruit set (25 per cent down), the Henty wine region experienced a significantly warmer and drier summer than usual. This continued into autumn, bringing forward the (approx.) 838-tonne grape harvest by two weeks. There were some problems with European wasps in the […]

2005 vintage report for Heathcote (Victoria)

The 2005 vintage began with a thoroughly wet soil profile as a result of good winter rainfall. However, those of us who rely on our dams for irrigation were left unimpressed by the lack of run-off these rains produced. The months of September into November offered average temperatures and rainfall resulting in good shoot growth […]

2005 vintage report for Goulburn Valley (Victoria)

The season commenced with timely spring rains and moderate temperature conditions resulting in an even budburst combined with generous fruitfulness across all varieties. The growing season throughout the summer months was dry, with two significant rain events. Up to 50 mm was recorded throughout most of the Goulburn Valley in the third week of December. […]

2005 vintage report for Tasmania

An outstanding vintage for all varieties and regions, 2005 will be a classic year for Tasmanian wine. An easy year for disease control and a slightly cool, dry growing season finished with an ideal vintage. There was a cool August with higher-than-normal rainfall in the lower Derwent Valley and South East and low rainfall in […]

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