Vineyard analysis tool launches global expansion

Terraview has announced the global launch of the most powerful and advanced version of its operating system for the wine industry.

The platform offers real-time data intelligence at your fingertips, empowering vineyards with simple tools to seamlessly progress with higher predictability, greater information certainty, and a greener future.

The unveiling of breakthrough features of carbon footprint analysis, vintage matching, and augmented reality volume estimation deliver a massive leap for vineyards to mitigate the effects of climate change.

After piloting its beta release with great success in key markets of Australia, France, Spain, and the United States, Terraview is now integrating deeper and expanding its global reach to South American and South African markets.

Climate change has posed enormous, unseen challenges, from frost to water and even land sustainability.

Annually, the wine industry requires 640 billion litres of water and 800 million kilograms of fertiliser to tackle pests and bacterial onslaughts. The company suggests that these figures are causing winegrowing regions to lose 1.6 million growing days every year.

Terraview addresses these key challenges that vineyards face today, including smart irrigation, sustainability, and yield estimation. The platform combines viticulture knowledge with machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce a self-learning, easy-to-use, and intuitive vineyard OS to assist with decision-making, all on one dashboard.

“Sustainability and industry growth is at the core for us, and these directives are at the centre of when we are building and innovating products,” said Prateek M. Srivastava, CEO and co-founder of Terraview.

“As global demand for our OS increases, we’ve introduced these new features to provide accelerated intelligence for our customers regarding their vineyards.

“We want to offer the simplest solutions to the greatest obstacles that vineyards face today.”

New Features:

  • Carbon Footprint Analysis – Terraview will provide its customers with total CO2 emissions, also known as carbon footprint, the first of its kind in the wine industry today. Allowing vineyards to take steps to become compliant and earn from carbon sequestration. Using the feature, for the first time, the sector can sequester more than 22.5 million carbon credits, which could be equivalent to $600 million or more every year.
  • Vintage Matching – The vintage matching feature gives an aggregate view and visually benchmarks against past vintages allowing the user to compare and predict results for greater control. Compare the top five vintages or any vintages of your choice on a timeline indicating the matching percentage.
  • Volume Estimation using AR – In addition to smart irrigation recommendations, disease and nutrient deficiency detection, real-time weather data, and yield estimation. The companion app Vine Click will offer in-situ volume estimation for crops using Augmented Reality, allowing users to know the volume of a bunch in a matter of minutes using imaging.


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