Victorian winery may be setting precedent for off-grid cellar door electric vehicle charging

Image: Dogrock Winery co-owner and winemaker Andrea Hart holding the charging socket of the winery’s EV off-grid charging station.

Dogrock winery, a small, family-owned business in the Pyrenees region of central Victoria, has been off-grid since its inception in 1999 and is now offering off-grid, emissions-free electric vehicle charging.

The business is a five red star rated Halliday winery and is also in the Powercor Hall of fame for local businesses for environmental responsibility.

With the addition of another 5 kW of solar panels the business is very happy to announce the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging station.

Owner and winemaker Allen Hart explains “EV’s are definitely the future of transport and people who arrive at cellar door in an EV can now partially charge their vehicle while tasting some great wines”.

“It’s estimated that across a one hour tasting approximately 70 km of additional battery life will be deposited free of charge and emissions into your vehicle.”

At present, the winery is unsure if they are the first cellar door in Australia to offer this service from an off-grid facility.

“There are others who offer EV charging and may be carbon neutral via an array of solar panels but are still grid connected-as we are off grid all power we generate is emissions free, both for our winery operation and for EV charging,” said Dogrock co-owner Andrea Hart.


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