Trellis AI opens Australian office

Ilai Englard (Co-Founder & CEO, Trellis) Calanit Bar-Am (Chief Strategy Officer, Trellis), Mark Cohen (Commercial Manager Australia, Justine Cohen (Trellis Programme Manager – Australia). Image courtesy Trellis AI

Israeli based start-up Trellis AI has opened their first Australian office. The start-up has developed an artificial intelligence-based risk-intelligence platform for winery operations.

The Australian team will be led by Justine Cohen – Master of Agribusiness, 28 years of Australian wine industry experience – and Mark Cohen – Director of Malesco Wine Broker.

Justine will lead product development and training implementation, while Mark will focus on product introduction and marketing.

The Trellis AI platform addresses value chain risks including supply, logistics, inventory, and weather challenges, while also optimizing financial and climate change risks, increasing opportunities for growth.

The platform focuses on leveraging proprietary big data from legacy systems, integrated with novel data layers for creating a vertical digital twin of production systems, to manage the risks that cause profit loss, food waste and avoidable emissions.

The platform has already been deployed at multinational wineries in the United States and is being used by stakeholders across organisations.


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