Tahryn Mason from Villa Maria takes out Marlborough Young Vit Competition

Marlborough Young Viticulturist place getters Daniel Clearwater, Tahryn Mason and Jess Marston. Image New Zealand Wine.

Tahryn Mason from Villa Maria became the 2022 Marlborough Young Viticulturist of the Year on 7 July at the competition held at Giesen House in Rapaura.

He will now go through to the National Final which will also be held in Marlborough at the end of August.

Mason previously competed in the National Final in 2020 when he represented Auckland and was working for Villa Maria, as he was living there although still working for Villa Maria. Having moved to Marlborough a couple of year ago, he said he is delighted to now represent the region he now calls home.

It’s been a busy few months for Mason as not only has he been studying hard for the competition, but he recently became a father for the first time, making his win feel even more special.

Congratulations were also offered to Jess Marston from Giesen Wines who came second and to Daniel Clearwater from Constellation Brands who came third.

The other contestants Zac Howell from Villa Maria, Claudia Clark from Constellation Brands and Kris Godsall from Whitehaven all reportedly impressed the judges with their knowledge, skills and positive, professional attitude throughout the day.

It was a very frosty but sunny start to the day and the contestants threw themselves into the viticultural challenges such as trellising, pruning, machinery, budgeting, nutrition and pest and disease.


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