Vinpac International

Contact Details

Address: PO Box 345, 773 Stockwell Road, Angaston
SA, 5353, Australia
Telephone: (08) 8561 0600
Fax: (08) 8561 0681

Additional Contact Information

Address: Vinpac McLaren Vale, 173 Douglas Gully Road, McLaren Flat
SA, 5171, Australia
Telephone: (08) 8383 2222
Fax: (08) 8383 0136

Address: VI Packaging, PO Box 345, Angaston
SA, 5353, Australia
Telephone: (08) 8561 0744

Vinpac is Australia’s largest independent wine packaging company. With an established winemaking facility at Angaston, our winemaking team specialise in sparkling wine and can undertake winemaking services for a range of wine styles in accord with customer requirements. Vinpac’s on site NATA laboratory is essential to our winemaking and bottling operations.


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