Storm assistance for Adelaide Plains farmers and viticulturists

Immediate initial assistance will be provided to industry to support Northern Adelaide Plains farmers cleaning up their properties after last week’s devastating storms.

This assistance will be made available to coordinate the collection of waste from Adelaide Plains horticulturalists and vegetable growers whose farms and glasshouses were damaged.

Minister for primary industries and regional development David Basham said the SA government has been working directly with industry since the storms hit the state last Thursday.

“The Adelaide Plains is home to a vibrant horticulture sector comprising large and small operators who are key drivers for our state economy,” Basham said.

“Last week’s devastating storms have seen some properties suffer severe loss of crops and destruction of farm infrastructure.

“Last Friday I visited a number of Adelaide Plains properties with AusVeg SA chief executive officer Jordan Brooke-Barnett to inspect the damage to glasshouses and field crops firsthand.

“The government is currently working with industry bodies including AusVeg SA to assess the storm damage across the whole state and the needs of affected farmers, including those in the grains, horticulture and wine industries.

“As an initial assistance while the damage assessment work is still underway, we will provide $50,000 to AusVeg SA to support the coordination and collection of shattered glass, plastic and waste from Adelaide Plains farms.”

Minister Basham said discussions with farmers, AusVeg SA and the Playford City Council over the past two days have highlighted the importance of collecting and removing glass and waste in these early days of clean up.

“Veggie growers who have started the clean-up need to know the State Government is supporting them and working with industry to make the task a bit easier,” Minister Basham said.

“We also want to send the signal to any Adelaide Plains farmers who are yet to tackle the clean-up that they can get started.

“The sooner our growers are able to clean up the damage from the storm, the sooner they will be able to return to production.”

Minister Basham said any farmers across the state affected by last week’s storm event are encouraged to report damage to their industry association or to the Department of Primary Industries and Regions on 1800 931 314 and can also seek free financial counselling from Rural Business Support on 1800 836 211, and free advice and support from the Family and Business Support Program


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