Squealing Pig release a series of quarantine tales to ease isolation gloom

Treasury Wine Estates has released a new batch of short stories under its successful ‘Curly Tales of Squealing Pig’ platform.

The 5-line stories, live on the Squealing Pig Instagram, provide some fun, light-hearted relief during what has been a serious and complex time for Australians in isolation.

Inspired by the rhyme that features on every bottle of Squealing Pig wine, the tales start with a line from the original story, before taking a modern, humorous twist.

The campaign led by Wunderman Thompson has three iterations live on Instagram, including a tale on spending isolation ‘watching a hillbilly raise tigers’, a housemate haircut turned mullet, and an awkward conference call.

The campaign is further extended via an OOH execution which keeps it simple by encouraging Australians to stay home; ‘This little pig stayed home, nice one pig’.

Simon Langley, Wunderman Thompson’s national chief creative officer, said, “Squealing Pig is a brand that consistently tells authentic, humorous stories that our audience can relate to”.

“With this campaign, we wanted to give people a break from the serious tones and news fatigue of the current COVID-19 world.”

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