Pre-insulated pipes deliver greater efficiency to winery refrigeration systems

Poly Alchemy produces a range of insulated tube from 1-inch to 10-inch stainless tube, with a variety of insulation thicknesses to suit every need. The outside of the insulation is protected by a durable sheet metal jacket in either bonded paint or galvanised sheet metal. The fact that all design and production is done in-house means we are flexible in providing tailored solutions to our customers. We are proud to be able to provide a 100% Australian-made product to the wine industry.

In wineries, refrigeration has a major role in fermentation and juice clarification. Temperature control is a critical factor in two key areas. First, control of fermentation temperature and, second, the wine is stored at a constant temperature after fermentation is complete until bottling. In addition, refrigeration and temperature control affect precipitation as well as oxidative browning and volatilisation. On the cost side, refrigeration has high energy requirements, which is why there’s a clear incentive to make it more efficient.

Some of the most effective methods of tank temperature control employ a glycol or ammonia system. Every tank that needs to be temperature controlled is connected to the cooling system through a looped circuit of insulated tubing. The best and most cost-effective method of insulation for looped cooling tube systems is the use of high density closed cell polyurethane insulated stainless steel tubing.

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