NSW winery moves to digital currency

On the back of a Victorian winery moving to digital currency, Mudgee winery, Skimstone Wines, has also turned to Qoin as a means to market to domestic tourists and businesses and drive wine sales.

The award-winning winery, which produces Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Shiraz and Cabernet Merlot, along with the popular Italian varietals of Barbera, Sangiovese and Sangiovese Rose, lost its entire 2020 vintage due to bushfires.

Now also facing the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, which has decimated international tourism, Skimstone Wines will need to move existing stock to survive the next two years as the vines regenerate.

“We are going to accept Qoin very soon as we focus on the domestic market for 2020 and 2021,” one of Skimstone Wines’ Directors, Rebecca Liang, said today.

Her first experience of digital currency, Ms Liang, who is also a public accountant and has worked in the financial industry for 30 years, is hopeful that Qoin will encourage people to support regional business.

“Skimstone Wines is not a large volume vineyard. We try to do more locally, especially with COVID-19, to meet our local market first. We have a brand-new renovated cellar door and tasting room for people to enjoy.”

In addition to accepting payment in Qoin from visitors to the vineyard, Liang also aims to market Skimstone Wines to other businesses within the region.

“Hopefully we can extend a new marketing channel from Qoin. We supply to a number of hotels, pubs and country clubs and we may extend ourselves to other local hotels and the hospitality industry between Mudgee and Sydney.

“Unlike other digital currencies, Qoin is more merchant supported. The more businesses on the platform, the more it is sustainable. Qoin is really appreciating.”

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