NSW floods “particularly concerning” for wine regions

By Samuel Squire

The current flooding in New South Wales is of “particular concern” for some of the state’s wine regions, according to the NSW wine industry body.

While much of the 2021 NSW grape harvest has been completed, and grapes are in the winery for processing, NSW Wine Industry Association executive officer Angus Barnes says “the amount of rain and flooding is particularly concerning in regions like the Hunter Valley”.

“There are a number of regions that still have grapes on the vine,” he said.

“The situation is concerning, both about the ability to get into the vineyards and pick the grapes, and also potential disease pressure from the amount of rain.”

Canberra is still early in vintage this year with many grapes still on the vines to be picked, much like the Southern Highlands, but Barnes says other regions like Tumbarumba, Hilltops and Orange gave a “concerted effort to get as much in as possible before the heavy rains came”.

“The good news is that the wines from 2021 look good in the winery and we are very hopeful of a small-ish but quality vintage across much of the state,” he said.

The worsening weather conditions across New South Wales have been severe.

According to The Brisbane Times, the SES has issued 16 evacuation orders for roughly 18,000 people so far, spanning 24 locations.

The ADF is currently assisting with evacuations in the Richmond and Colo regions in NSW, where hundreds of residents are being forced to leave their homes.


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