Langhorne Creek’s Project 5255 wines released

Image: Rob Mack (left), Charlotte Hardy (mid) and Turon White at a Langhorne Creek winery.

Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine Incorporated is proud to announce the release of the inaugural wines under the Project 5255 initiative.

Project 5255 is a collaborative project between growers and winemakers from Langhorne Creek and is designed to provide three winemakers with the opportunity to create a one-off wine under their own label that solely showcases Langhorne Creek fruit.

The successful applicants – Rob Mack of Aphelion Wine Co., Charlotte Hardy of Charlotte Dalton Wines and Turon White of Turon Wines have all released their exclusive, limited edition wines bottled under their own labels with the project 5255 logo on the label indicating their involvement.

Rob Mack was the first to unveil his wine under the project, having explored Malbec as his chosen variety.

“I’m extremely excited to present this Malbec, Welkin by Aphelion, which has been produced using fruit from the Wenzel vineyard,” Mack said.

“It’s an incredibly aromatic Malbec that we’ve produced from this single vineyard. The grapes were planted in 2015 and 1999 providing the perfect balance between ripeness, intensity, vibrancy and acidity.

“The quality of the Langhorne Creek Malbec grapes from the Wenzel family has been outstanding and the end-product speaks for itself.”

Charlotte Hardy of Charlotte Dalton Wines produced an exceptional 2020 Fiano. Made from Bremerton fruit, the nose oozes honeysuckle, apple blossom and praline.

Hints of honey and spice dance across the palate with an almond overtone and a long silky finish – a delight for the senses.

“It’s one of my favourite wines that I’ve produced – and the signature screen printed bottle by Glass Print features a bee because in Italy, Fiano is referred to as the wine of the bees because they adore the sugary fruit on the vine, so I thought that was a nice touch,” she said.

Turon White of Turon Wines in the Adelaide Hills took fruit from Watkins Wine Vineyard to deliver a bright, plum and berry heavy Grenache. With its confectionery boiled lollies undertones, crushed rose, berry and plum notes and sweet spice with delicate pepper, this Grenache delivers extreme length on the palate.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the project and being able to produce this limited-edition 2020 Grenache from a very special part of the world, Langhorne Creek,” he said.

Marina Goldsworthy of Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine said the project had received extensive interest, including from overseas wine regions wanting to emulate its format.

“We are thrilled to unveil these wines under Project 5255. All three winemakers have such a fantastic understanding of crafting beautiful wines and it has been great to have them all sharing that enthusiasm and knowledge with the community here at Langhorne Creek,” she said.

“The wines are in hot demand due to limited numbers of bottles being available, so I encourage everyone to buy a bottle and give them a try.”

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