Latest issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal now available

A focus on fermentation and Prosecco features in the just-released Summer 2020 issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal.

Complementing the results of this issue’s tasting of 16 Australian-made Proseccos is an interesting look at labelling and packaging trends in Australian Proseccos compared with their Italian counterparts, as well as an update on Italy’s efforts to retain exclusive use of the word Prosecco.

Contributing to the Summer issue’s focus on fermentation is regular contributor Erika Szymanski who attempts to answer the question, how homogenous is a fermentation in tank? Erika highlights some new research that sheds some new light on the subject.

Consultant Rachel Gore looks at nitrogen deficiency in grapes or juice, advising the best time to add supplements and the most ideal sources. She also describes some new nutrient products that also enhance certain aroma compounds.

And, finally on the topic of fermentation, Joana Coulon and Alana Seabrook, from BioLaffort and and Laffort Australia, present Part 2 of their look at bioprotection for microbial control in low SO2 environments, focussing on the post-fermentation phase.

The Summer 2020 issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal also has a particular focus on climate change. A team of researchers from the National Wine & Grape Industry Centre summarises the effects of high temperature on grape flavonoids, while the investigators behind a collaborative research project describe their development of an online atlas of climate information for Australia’s wine regions, which provides grapegrowers and winemakers with climate trends for the near, mid and long-term.

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