First time for four women to compete in the 2021 Corteva Young Vit National Final

For the first time in the history of the Corteva Young Vit of the Year competition, which has been running since 2006, there will be more women than men competing in the National Final.

Following the regional competitions held throughout June and July, four out of the six were won by young women.

They are Courtney Sang, Obsidian, Auckland; Albie Feary, Ata Rangi, Wairarapa; Jess Wilson, Whitehaven Wines, Marlborough and Katrina Jackson, Chard Farm, Central Otago.  The young men competing are Sam Bain, Villa Maria, Hawke’s Bay and Tristan van Schalkwyk, The Bone Line, North Canterbury.

“This strongly endorses that viticulture is an exciting career for both men and women,” said Nicky Grandorge, leadership & communities manager at New Zealand Winegrowers.

“All six contestants are very passionate about viticulture and love the variety of skills and knowledge required to run a successful vineyard.”  They will be tested on a range of these during the National Final, which consists of both practical and theoretical challenges.”

In the build up to the national final, the contestants have been working on a research project, assessing pruning options during a labour shortage. The practical day will take place at Indevin’s Bankhouse Vineyard in Marlborough on 25 August.

The following day, a conference and field day is being held, entitled ‘Toitu and Technology – Planning for the Future’.

This is open to everyone working in viticulture and will discuss ways in which the wine the industry can become carbon neutral, as well as look at new innovations and technologies to help the New Zealand wine industry continue to lead the charge in the future.

This will be followed by the Awards Dinner at the Clubs of Marlborough, where the contestants will deliver a speech to the large audience and the 2021 Corteva Young Viticulturist of the Year will be announced.


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