Farmers2Founders invites the wine community to help solve critical industry challenges

Farmers2Founders (F2F) is a world-first innovation program pathway designed to help proactive; innovative Australian producers collaborate with tech developers, researchers, entrepreneurs, students and industry to create and scale agtech, food tech, and value-added food ventures.

F2F is the only platform in Australia that provides complete agri-innovation pathways to support ventures as they scale and grow their businesses in markets both nationally and internationally.

Through support from Wine Australia and other Research and Development Corporations over the last three years, Farmers2Founders has been able to capture 100s of ideas to solve problems on farm and for the agrifood industry; supported over 95 early-stage ventures, and helped to scale over 20 high potential Australian businesses.

“F2F has recently been through a rebrand, and our programs have evolved, but our mission has not changed. We still believe producers need to be at the centre of innovation. However, we now invite more participants across the agrifood ecosystem, such as grape growers, viticulturists, tech developers, agribusiness and researchers to collaborate with primary producers to impact the industry significantly,” says Skye Raward, Executive Director of Farmers2Founders.

Farmers2Founders is working with industry groups, R&D Corporations, large food and beverage corporates and agribusinesses, and individual producers to identify the most pressing problems and exciting opportunities in agrifood, fibre, fisheries and aquaculture that need innovative solutions and entrepreneurial solution providers.

“If you have an idea, concept, or you are an early-stage startup business that is addressing a challenge in the agrifood sector, we want to hear from you!” Skye says.

Wine Australia has partnered with Farmers2Founders to tackle some of the industry’s core challenges and are seeking all ‘problem solvers’ to come forward with ideas around:

  • Robotic grapevine pruning (vision systems, mechanisation, remote pruning, training modules including use of virtual/augmented reality for training both human and roboticpruners)
  • No/low alcohol red wine products made from wine grapes
  • Automated vineyard irrigation scheduling, including sensing & decisions, support tools
  • Winery automation, sensing and robotics (barrel handling, fermentation, storage monitoring)
  • Comprehensive Australian wine grape vineyard data set (variety, change over time,management contact, maintenance & governance of data)

The top 5 concepts will be eligible to pitch for the inaugural F2F Challenge Award, attracting a $1200 cash prize and automatic entry into the F2F Hatch Program (valued at $12,000).

Learn more about the Hatch Program and submit your idea by filling in an application form via: