Familia Torres producing 3D-printed protective equipment for medical staff

Familia Torres has joined the Penedès maker community and is using its 3D printers to exclusively produce protective equipment for healthcare workers fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The winery is participating in CV19_FAB_Vilafranca, a citizens’ initiative organised via Telegram, which also includes other companies and institutions in the county with access to 3D technology.

The effort is supported by the Vilafranca City Council and local police, which will help distribute the equipment.

Familia Torres is producing part of the face shields, specifically the headband that holds the protective shield in place.

The winery has produced more than 150 headbands and is also collaborating in their assembly.

The equipment will be delivered to the Hospital Comarcal de l’Alt Penedès (the Alt Penedès county hospital) and other county facilities, such as nursing homes and the Mas Albornà occupational centre for people with disabilities.

The initiative is also open to hospitals and healthcare facilities in other areas, which can request equipment via Telegram.

The winery will be closed for the Easter holiday, but some members of the Familia Torres team will continue producing these components from home.

After Easter, the winery will resume its activities. In those areas where working from home is not an option, the company will continue to adhere to strict safety protocols – established in accordance with official public health recommendations – to reduce the risk of contagion to a minimum and protect the health of staff and suppliers.

Familia Torres will continue to collaborate in the fight against coronavirus with these and other actions in the weeks to come. In doing so, the winery joins the many efforts and initiatives by companies and individuals to support healthcare workers.

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Image: Supermarket Perimeter