Enovitis in campo to focus on organic

Image courtesy Enovitis in campo

From innovative experimentation to an essential element of the wine chain – this year organic farming will once again be the focus of Enovitis in campo, the travelling event organised by Unione Italiana Vini, which is now a reference point for products, technologies, machinery and services dedicated to vineyard management.

With regard to organic production and sustainability, Enovitis is teaming up for the second time with FederBio Servizi, a consulting company specialised in monitoring the different steps involved in the organic chain.

The company will be setting up an organic demonstration vineyard at the estate to be used for practical tests and trials focused on the development, care and protection of sustainable viticulture, which today accounts for 17.5 per cent (120,000 hectares) of Italian vineyards.

Many events will be held over the two days of the event, starting from the three field visits during which the FederBio agronomists – together with the exhibitors – will be giving demonstrations related to the organic management of the vineyard, according to its characteristics and peculiarities.

A discussion on the potential of and issues concerning the organic supply chain will follow. The various exhibiting companies will be presenting a large number of ideas during the fair, which also show how important the organic sector has become in this field.


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