Emerging technologies to pave the way for KUHN Group

KUHN Group looks to the future, with the emergence of new technology that will secure their position as leaders in the Agricultural industry.

In a traditional industry that is evolving with new technology, KUHN are keeping ahead of the game by developing and refining their machines to meet the needs of the operator. KUHN Group recently announced that there would be more than 80 new features introduced to the market in 2022.

KUHN’s EL 162-300 BIOMULCH Power Tiller, FC 9330 RA and FC 13640 RA Mower Conditioners with Swath Groupers are new products that showcase some of the new features that have been developed. In addition to the new features that have been designed to optimise operator output, KUHN have also enhanced their connected solutions with the introduction of the ISOBUS CCI 800 and CCI 1200 terminals to increase the efficiency of operators.

KUHN Australia Managing Director Bruno Fetiveau said “KUHN Australia are always looking for new innovative technologies that will enhance our local products and optimise the results for Australian farmers. We’ve seen this previously in Australia with the availability of KUHN’s extra-large machines to suit the scale and diversity of the Australian landscape. It is an exciting prospect to know that the new technology released by KUHN Group may also benefit Australian farmers in the coming seasons.”

The new EL 162-300 BIOMULCH rotary tiller has been designed to cater for organic farming operations, eliminating the need for herbicides to reduce the organic matter in crops. With a working width of 3m and working depth of 3-6cm, the EL BIOMULCH rotary tiller is ideal for mixing fresh residues, cover crops or organic fertiliser into the soil.

“With a growing organic industry, KUHN is developing new technology to meet the needs of organic operators allowing them to optimise their results without compromising their organic accreditation,” Mr Fetiveau explained.

KUHN’s new mower conditioners, the FC 9330 RA and FC 13640 RA have been designed to optimise output and quality with an integrated swath grouper. Both mowing units are fitted with:

  • KUHN’s OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar that has been recognised for its robustness and cutting quality
  • The ISOBUS control interface that allows operators to connect with the CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminals.
  • LIFT-CONTROL suspension, that can adjust the ground pressure through ISOBUS control protecting the plant cover and ensuring a good ground following.

KUHN’s FC 9330 RA mower conditioner has been designed to adapt its swath delivery from 1.80m to 3.60m. The adaptability of the FC 9330RA positions the machine to suit a variety of balers, particularly those with wide pick ups where the forage density is high. The most common actions of the FC 9330 RA can be controlled by the CCI A3 joystick handle. It also has an integrated inclinometer that controls the belt speed according to the slope of the paddock.

The FC 13640 RA mower conditioner offers its operators a higher working output and has been designed with the goal of preserving the soil from compaction. With a working width of 12.4m – 13.4m (the largest mowing width in the KUHN mower range), the FC 13640 can form a swath 1.8m-3m wide. Its telescopic axel makes the FC13640 suitable for controlled traffic farming and increases the clearance, making it easier to form wider, more evenly shapped swaths to encourage a consistent drying process. To ensure high quality conditioning, the mower has been designed with the pivoting steel finger conditioner. The rotors are driven by a selector lever gearbox, allowing operators to adapt their conditioning depending on the type of forage.

“One of our most exciting developments has been the KUHN CCI (Competence Centre ISOBUS) Connect technology. The technology continues to evolve and the ISOBUS CCI Connect or CCI Connect Pro released into the KUHN Group in late 2020 will soon reach Australian shores,” Mr Fetiveau said. “Australian operaters were introduced to the CCI 800 and CCI 1200 terminals last season, reducing their downtime and incresing precision.”

The KUHN CCI Connect and CCI Connect Pro both connect to the ISOBUS CCI 800 and CCI 1200 terminals using a 3G/4G connection, giving the operator access to a varity of functions via their MyKUHN account including:

  • Remote view; allowing the operator to view the work in progress remotely, providing assistance or training to the machines operator.
  • Online CCI Update; automatic notifications when the ISOBUS CCI 800 and 1200 terminals require an update
  • KUHN Easy Transfer; easily transfer different files including modulation maps, tasks , missions, contours etc. from a computer to a smart phone via the Agrirouter data exchange platform. The files can also be sent back to an operator’s office and processed into their agricultural management software.
  • Agrirouter Ready; ISOBUS CCI 800 and 1200 terminals are compatible to receive and transmit data with all agricultural software connected to Agrirouter.

Managing Director, Mr Fetiveau said, “The technological advances that are shaping the Agricultural industry are pushing machine manufacturers and operators to think outside of the box. To be involved in an industry that is moving in leaps and bounds is exciting and KUHN is certainly stepping up to the challenge.”

Since it’s inception in 1828, KUHN has been a leader in the Agricultural industry worldwide and will continue to do so with the emergance of its new technologies.