Dr Mary Retallack inducted into SA Women’s Honour Roll

Dr Mary Retallack. Photo: Chris Brodie

Dr Mary Retallack was inducted into the South Australian Women’s Honour Roll yesterday evening, when she was acknowledged as an outstanding nominee at a reception at Government House.

Held every two years, the SA Women’s Honour Roll recognises the diversity of women demonstrating their commitment to effecting change within the community.

Dr Retallack was recognised as a champion of environmental stewardship practices in the wine grape growers’ community, and said she was delighted with the news.

“What an honour and a privilege to be one of the first women in the wine community to be included and hopefully it’s just the start of recognising and celebrating the accomplishments many more of my colleagues!” said Dr Retallack, announcing the news on LinkedIn.

The Honour Roll acknowledged Dr Retallack as one of 20 outstanding nominees.

“Dr Mary Retallack is highly regarded in the wine and agribusiness sectors. She has dedicated her life to progressing the Australian wine sector, regional communities, environmental stewardship, and the role of women over the past three decades,” stated the accolades organisers.

South Australia’s Minister for Women, Katrine Hildyard, said that the women inducted into the Honour Roll were women who had “helped shape a better South Australia.”

“Those featured in this publication join a long list of remarkable, generous and inspirational women who have devoted their lives in some way to improving the wellbeing and welfare of other individuals, entire communities, the economy and environment,” said Hildyard.

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