Dealing with mental health in the wine industry

Finlaysons, an Australian law firm with a specialty in the wine sector, are convening a workshop at the 18th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference on the critical issue of dealing with mental health in the wine industry.

Mental health was already a serious issue in the wine sector in normal times, it being an agricultural industry with its inherent risks.

However, it has become much more of a problem in recent years with the stresses of drought, bushfires, COVID-19, hailstorms, floods and the demise of the China market.

Poor mental health destroys, not just individuals, but also families and businesses. It is a commercial issue, as well as a tragic human one.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Give individuals some tools to assist them to deal with stress and maintain and improve their mental health,
  • Give employers some tips as to how to assist employees who are dealing with personal challenges and help them to maintain a mentally healthy workforce.

The speakers will include a clinical psychologist and a workplace lawyer with much experience in this area.

Mental health is a serious issue for the wine industry, not just for the individuals concerned and their families, but also so far as it impacts wine business performance.

The workshop aims to highlight the issue and help individuals and their employers to deal with it. Click here to register for the workshop or here to link to the Wine page of Finlaysons’ website


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