Cool Climate Wine Show unveils judging panel as it celebrates a quarter century

The National Cool Climate Wine Show has announced its judging panel for the 2024 instalment of the show, with this year marking the event’s 25th anniversary.

Entries open on 20th May, and judging is set to take place from 19th-23rd August 2024. The competition will feature two panels of judges chaired by Geoff Alexander of Brown Brothers and Rob Mack of Aphelion Wines, both of whom bring their expertise and a deep passion for cool climate wines to the forefront of the competition.

Leading the charge as chief judge is Russell Cody of McWilliams and Calabria Family Wines, whose experience and leadership in wine judging is set to guide the event.

Joining them are judges:

John Coughlan – DeBortoli Wines

Dave Mavor – Wine Selectors

Leah Mottin – Domaine Chandon

Amy Sutherland Smith – Warrabilla Wines

“The calibre of judges this year is truly exceptional. Each judge brings a unique perspective that is crucial for assessing the subtle complexities of cool climate wines,” said Russell Cody, “Their collective expertise not only reinforces the credibility of our competition but also enhances the educational richness of the show.”

“We are delighted to have such distinguished figures in the wine industry joining us to celebrate 25 years of the National Cool Climate Wine Show,” added Lee Moras, chairwoman. “Their invaluable input will undoubtedly contribute to a successful and enlightening event for all participants.”

Founded in 1999, the National Cool Climate Wine Show is one of the premier wine competitions in Australia, dedicated to showcasing the distinct qualities and diversity of wines produced in cooler climates.

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