Clare Valley and Victoria pick of the Next Crop

Wine Australia has announced that Clare Valley Wine & Grape Association and Wine Victoria are the successful applicants for its regionally-focused leadership program Next Crop.

The Next Crop program is an opportunity for regions to design and deliver their own bespoke leadership development offering and is a three-way partnership between Wine Australia, regional partners and a provider organisation.

Wine Australia general manager research, development and adoption Dr Liz Waters said Next Crop is a professional and personal development program for emerging leaders, based within their communities.

“We’re delighted to see Next Crop taking roots in Clare Valley and Victoria in 2022,” Waters said.

“Next Crop helps those within our grape and wine communities to understand their leadership capacity and build new skills.

“We want to help build confidence within individuals and to provide a development opportunity that will keep them engaged and committed to the region and their career in the grape and wine sector.”

Clare Valley Wine & Grape Association Executive Officer Anna Baum said the region is committed to developing strong resilient leaders who are able to address the future opportunities and challenges of the region.

“This program will provide 20 young winemakers, grapegrowers and sales and marketers with the appropriate personal, business and leadership skills to lead the region in their fields,” Baum said.

“There is an expectation that the participants will share the knowledge gained, to work collaboratively within the association and invest their time and skills in developing and leading future initiatives for the benefit of the region.”

Wine Victoria board member and technical sub-committee chair Kim Chalmers said Wine Victoria is excited to be selected for the Next Crop Program.

“The program will kick start a culture of leadership and collaboration within a number of Victoria’s smaller regions who would struggle to achieve this without the Program’s support and structure,” Chalmers said.

Developing a cohort of future leaders and mentors is vital to help the regions to grow and prosper, giving the next generation a focus and a platform.”

The 2022 program is the first formal offering of Next Crop, with a pilot program proving successful in Barossa and Langhorne Creek in 2021 involving almost 40 participants in both regions.


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