Casks promote safe drinking with new diagrams

Many of Australia’s biggest producers of cask wine have started using casks with diagrams that indicate the size of a standard drink.

The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) developed the new-look casks in an initiative designed to educate consumers about responsible alcohol consumption.

The image features on the side pouring panel of the cask and includes a picture indicating the size of an average glass of wine and how many standard drinks it amounts to.

Brands to have started using the new-look casks, which began appearing on retailers’ shelves in August, include Banrock Station, Berri, Coolabah, Hardys, Renmano, Sunnyvale, Stanley and Yalumba.

WFA chief executive Stephen Strachan says the aim of the diagrams is to provide clarity about what constitutes a standard drink.

“Many people know how many standard drinks are recommended, but actually visualising what a standard drink is can be a problem because the size of wine glasses varies greatly.” Strachan said.

“We hope by making a clear representation very visible on the side of the cask it will be easier for consumers to assess how many standard drink equivalents they have poured.”

Cask wine sales account for 38.5 per cent of wine sold in Australia.

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