Bird in Hand acquires land in Tasmania

Bird in Hand is set to expand into Tasmania, having acquired a stretch of coastline at Seymour on the east coast of the island state.

Bordering the Douglas Apsley National Park, this part of the Tasmanian landscape has a unique microclimate of growing conditions and will be planted under vine, while nurturing corridors of wildlife to retain a self-regulating ecosystem.

The 400-acre property, rich in dolerite soils with a smattering of ironstone combined with extended slow ripening periods in autumn, make it ideal for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

One hundred and fifty acres of the land will be planted under vine and in other areas, vegetation will be restored, and native shrubs and flaxes will be planted, preserving biodiversity.

Bird in Hand plans to create a preeminent destination with ambitious land art traversing the ancient soils, a 37-acre dam to preserve the natural habitat, creating an ecological haven.

Bird in Hand founder Andrew Nugent says “artisan winemaking has afforded [his] family remarkable opportunities for which [he is] most grateful”.

“Bird in Hand has always followed its own path. Currently with the expansion of our estate vineyards into Tasmania, the access to global distribution and to many of the world’s best restaurants, we are focussing on being unique, true to our vision and playing our role in elevating the global status of Australian wine,” he said.


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