AWRI to defend Sustainable Winegrowing Australia copyright claims

By Sonya Logan

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) has advised members and stakeholders of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia that it intends to defend the legal proceedings commenced by Dr Irina Santiago-Brown who has alleged copyright infringement of her PhD research in the national sustainability program.

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia is administered by the AWRI and governed, endorsed and supported by Australian Grape & Wine and Wine Australia.

The legal proceedings have been initiated by Santiago-Brown in the Sydney Registry of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

“To the AWRI’s understanding, in the legal proceedings Dr Santiago-Brown makes various allegations including as to ownership of copyright in certain works, which she alleges has been infringed by the AWRI and Australian Grape & Wine in conducting and administering the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program,” said Louisa Rose, chair of the AWRI, in her statement to members and stakeholders of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia released yesterday (Monday).

“The AWRI intends to defend the proceedings. As the matter is now before the Court, the AWRI does not intend to comment further for now,” she said.

Rose said the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program will continue, and the AWRI is committed to its successful delivery for members.


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