Australian Grape and Wine reveals its grapegrowing representative board members

The newly created Australian Grape & Wine has announced the grapegrowing representatives for its new board.

Australian Grape & Wine draws together expertise from the entire value chain via 4 committees – large winemakers, medium winemakers, small winemakers and vignerons. Each committee contributes 4 Directors to the new board for an initial term of one year.

The directors representing the interests of grape growers are:

• Heather Webster, independent grower and Chair Wine Grape Council SA
• Andrew Weeks, managing director, Rivawine Collaboration, Riverland, SA
• Mardi Longbottom, independent grower and senior viticulturist Australian Wine Research Institute
• Colin Bell, viticulturist and director, AHA Viticulture, Western Australia
• Ben Rose, viticulturist, Performance Viticulture, Victoria (Permanent Alternate)