Applications for the ASVO Scholarship to attend the AWRI Advanced Viticulture Course now open

The ASVO says it is pleased to announce that applications for the ASVO scholarship to attend the AWRI Advanced Viticulture Course (AVC) have opened this week. The Scholarship is part of the highly valued ASVO Awards for Excellence program which has attracted a high calibre of entrants and is now recognised within the industry as a demonstration of expertise for wine industry professionals to aspire to and achieve.

“Attending the AVC is a great opportunity to broaden your perspective on current best practices and future trends. Taking time out of your business to see how other vineyards in different regions face similar challenges such as soil, water and disease management can arm yourself with a broader skillset to embrace your own vineyard challenges,” said ASVO President Brooke Howell.

The ASVO AVC Scholarship will be offered to one talented individual to attend the three-day intensive course travelling to selected sites across SA wine regions and meeting practitioners who are at the cutting-edge of Australian viticulture. This course is administered by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI).

Applications for the Scholarship are open now and will close Saturday April 30 2022. Applications can be made either online or submitted via email and will be judged by an independent panel. Eligible applicants must be members of the ASVO.

Further information is available here


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