Accolade Wines open to a deal with Pernod Ricard

Accolade’s Berri Estates facilities

Accolade Wines has reportedly “kept the door open” to a deal with Pernod Ricard, as concerns bubble over the fate of a potential merger between Accolade and Australian Vintage.

Accolade owns brands such as Grant Burge, Hardy’s, Petaluma and St Hallet, whilst Pernod Ricard’s best-known brands include Jacob’s Creek, St Hugo and Church Rd. Australian Vintage’s portfolio includes names such as McGuigan, Nepenthe, and Tempus Two.

According to The Australian, Accolade has been considering Pernod Ricard and Australian Vintage as part of a “dual-track process”.

The recent shock exit of Australian Vintage’s CEO Craig Garvin is suspected to have caused some upset to its merger plans, with Garvin now said to be considering his legal options, as detailed by The Australian.

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