2019 Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory released

The latest annual Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory (WID) reveals the Australian wine industry has continued to strengthen, driven by a substantial 20% increase in the value of wine exports in 2018.

Wine exporters generated an additional $451 million last year, with the total value of Australian exports climbing to $2.76 billion.

Grape growers also enjoyed the highest purchase value for fruit in a decade, with the average price across all varieties increasing by 8%.

Although wine grape intake fell by 10% following a record harvest the previous year, the total crush in 2018 still marked a small increase on the industry’s long-term average.

Both export and domestic sales improved with wine sales in the Australian market lifting by 6% to $3.5 billion.

The 37th edition WID published by Winetitles Media and released today, shows the revenue of the top 20 wine producers estimated at $4 billion with Treasury Wine Estates extending its lead as the largest revenue earner.

The WID data shows that Australia is placed 5th among the largest wine producers in the world with Accolade Wines again the leading company for both grape intake and volume of wine produced.

While the total number of wine producers decreased by 120 to 2257, this decline mostly affected smaller producers and company consolidation.

Major revenues continued to be concentrated among Australia’s top five wine companies – Treasury Wine Estates, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Accolade Wines, Casella Wines and Australian Vintage.

China remains the fastest growing market for a sixth consecutive year with annual growth of 66% taking the export value to more than $1 billion in 2018. Exports to the UK grew by 12% to cement its position as the largest export market by volume.

Further details on Australia’s Top 20 ranked wine producers will be published in The Top 20 Australian Wine Companies report to be published in the April 2019 journal Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker, also published by Winetitles Media.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s wine producers experienced positive market trends in 2018 with the value of exports increasing by 2.5% to reach a record high of $NZ1.7 billion. The US remained the dominant destination for exported wine with this market alone worth $NZ521 million. Domestic consumption of New Zealand wine held steady in 2018 with a slight 1% increase by volume.

Sauvignon Blanc extended its lead as the most popular planting to account for 61% of New Zealand’s total vineyard area. The country’s total wine grape harvest grew by 6% in 2018 to reach 419,000 tonnes. New Zealand is the world’s 14th largest wine producer.

The Wine Industry Directory

The Australian & New Zealand Wine Industry Directory has listed all Australian wine companies who have commercially sold wine since 1983, making it an invaluable barometer of trends, personnel and the overall health of the industry. While a small number of companies opt not to be included, the list is nonetheless regarded as the most accurate record of the wineries in Australia.

The 2019 edition, published in print and online, includes comprehensive and updated listings of wine producers, grape growers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, universities, research and education facilities, writers, wine publications, wine blogs, organisations and industry personnel.

The Wine Industry Directory Buyers’ Guide, which is also now available as an app, lists suppliers categorised across their products and services, making it easy for wine industry professionals to search their specific needs. The app provides many benefits to users including immediate access via a phone or tablet device to required products and services, even when offline, plus easy navigation and hyperlinks to supplier websites.

As information evolves and new media delivery methods are developed, the Directory offers additional digital sections and information for the Australian and New Zealand industries.

Purchasers of the Directory also receive access to the WID Online, and can search listings, via Winetitles Media’s website (www.winetitles.com.au). The Directory is available from Winetitles Media for A$95.00 (plus postage) across Australia/New Zealand and overseas.

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• The total wine grape intake decreased by 10% to 1.79 million tonnes in 2018. However, this is comparable to the long-term average of 1.76 million tonnes.
• Australian grape growers enjoyed the highest price over the last decade with the average price across all varieties improving by 8% to $609/tonne.
• Australian domestic wine sales totalled $3.5 billion, an increase of 6% from 2017.
Export market continues to thrive with the export value growing by 20% to $2.76 billion, according to Wine Australia.
• Shiraz continues to dominate the red crush. Average price for Shiraz is $18.11 per litre indicating an 8% rise compared to 2017.
• The top 20 producers had a successful year earning an estimated $4 billion in revenue.
• Average export prices grew by 9% to $3.24/litre FOB.
• Wine import value increased to $887 million.
• Accolade Wines remained Australia’s top wine producer by volume, while Treasury Wine Estates extended its lead as the biggest revenue earner.
• The 2019 WID includes over 8,000 industry listings, 11,000 personnel listings, 3,000 wineries, 2,000 growers and 1,600 Buyers’ Guide listings.

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