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September-October 2016 (No. 5)


The September-October issue.
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  • The Australian election and what it means for the local wine sector - Tony Battaglene
  • VinSites: Insights from vine to glass - Andreas Clark
  • ASVO prepares for November Awards Night following 'one of the best Tech Conferences ever' - Mardi Longbottom
  • Wine through time - Tony Keys
  • Times are a-changing - the effects of climate change on wine production practices - Cathy Howard
  • Choice of refrigerant becomes natural as plant fault detection gets smarter - Sonya Logan
  • Malolactic fermentation in barrels vs steel tanks - Pedro M. Izquierdo-Canas, Esteban Garcia-Romero and Adela Mena-Morales
  • Snapshot of Australian production practices for Chardonnay wine - Joanne Gambetta, Sue Bastian and David Jeffery
  • Integrated strategies to moderate the alcohol content of wines - Renata Ristic, Ana Hranilovic, Sijing Li, Rocco Longo, Duc-Truc Pham, Bora Qesja, Olaf J. Schelezki and Vladimir Jiranek
  • A rose by any other name: novel wine yeast that impart floral aromas - Toni Cordente, Mark Solomon, Peter Godden, Chris Curtin and Dan Johnson
  • Investigating the potential for resistance to grapevine trunk diseases - Mark Sosnowski, Matthew Ayres, Michael McCarthy, Trevor Wicks and Eileen Scott
  • Breeding the next-generation disease-resistant grapevine varieties - Reinhard Topfer and Rudolf Eibach
  • The impact of machine harvesting with and without optical berry sorting on Pinot Noir wine composition and quality - David Hendrickson, Lerry Lerno, Anna Hjelkmeland, Susan Ebeler, Hildegarde Heymann, Karen Block, Charles Brenneman and Anita Oberholster
  • Defining Barossa Valley foothills clay - Geoff Kew
  • Falling for Fiano - Sam Scott
  • The marketing challenges involved in developing strong regional identities - Mike Paul
  • Competitiveness of cool climate regions in global wine markets - Kym Anderson
  • A health check-up: how are Australia and its regions trending in China? - Armando Maria Corsi, Justin Cohen and Larry Lockshin
  • Australian wine exports to China - beyond the headlines - Mark Rowley
  • Chardonnay - the coolest of the cool
  • Cool climate Chardonnay





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