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July-August 2016 (No. 4)


The July-August issue.
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  • Wine and food pairing - where's the evidence of its benefits as a marketing tool? - Jonathan Cahill
  • The spectre of 'food miles' re-emerges - Tony Battaglene
  • New R&D projects to support fine Australian wine - Andreas Clark
  • Brighton cool climate symposium was beaut with some messages for Australia - Richard Smart
  • Diversity, variety and management of 'cool climate' viticulture and its products - Peter Hayes
  • American snakes and ladders - Part 3 - Tony Keys
  • Sulfur in wine - a snapshot of Australian trends - Cathy Howard
  • Oak alternatives: a balance between science and finance - Kerry Wilkinson, Sijing Li and Anna Crump
  • Use of ultrasound treatment and nonČ-Saccharomyces yeasts for accelerating ageing on lees in red wines - Priyanka Kulkarni, Iris Loira, Antonio Morata, Wendu Tesfaye, M. Carmen Gonzalez and Jose Antonio Suarez-Lepe
  • Influence of the botanical origin, toast level and ellagitannin content on the oxygen consumption by oak chips in a model wine solution - Maria Navarro, Nikolaos Kontoudakis, Thomas Giordanengo, Sergio Gomex-Alonso, Esteban Garcia-Romero, Francesca Fort, Joan Miquel Canals, Isidoro Hermosin-Gutierrez, and Fernando Zamora
  • Vintage 2016 - observations from the AWRI helpdesk - Adrian Coulter, Geoff Cowey, Paul Petrie, Marcel Essling, Matt Holdstock, Creina Stockley, Con Simos and Dan Johnson
  • The influence of water deficit on grapevine trunk disease - Mark Sosnowski, Matthew Ayres and Eileen Scott
  • Increasing irrigation efficiency - technology to save water without risking yield or quality - Tony Hoare
  • A comparative study of traditional versus plant sensory-based irrigation - Thibaut Scholasch
  • Viticulture - alternative varieties - Rick and Ingrid Glastonbury
  • Under-vine cover-crops as an alternative to herbicide - Justine Vanden Heuvel
  • Viticultural factors influencing tannin levels - Rachel Kilmister
  • Drink pink: a cross-cultural examination of the perceived image of rose - Natalia Velikova, Steve Charters, Tatiana Bouzdine- Charmeeva, Joanna Foutntain, Caroline Ritchie and Tim Dodd
  • US consumers continue to rely on varietal clues for their purchase decisions - Mark Rowley
  • The ABCs of making GSM
  • GSM - generous, sophisticated and moreish





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