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May-June 2016 (No. 3)


The May-June issue.
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  • Wine & Viticulture Journal marks 30 years - Sonya Logan
  • Documenting 30 years of technological change in the Australian wine industry - Peter Godden
  • What I have learned during 50 years in vineyards - Richard Smart
  • 1986-2016: Are we still playing the same (marketing) song? - Armando Maria Corsi and Larry Lockshin
  • The future is in our hands - Tony Battaglene
  • Australian Wine Flavours Card now available - Anne Duncan
  • American snakes and ladders - Part 2 - Tony Keys
  • Basket pressing - the art of being different - Cathy Howard
  • New winemaking process conceived in a northern Tasmania pilot winery - the beginnings of ACE - Richard Smart and Angela Sparrow
  • The case for ACE - maceration trial continues - Angela Sparrow
  • Wine yeast: where are they from and where are we taking them? - Anthony Borneman, Paul Chambers, Simon Schmidt, Angus Forgan, Radka Kolouchova, Markus Herderich and Dan Johnson
  • Vineyard apps - Don't leave home without them - Tony Hoare
  • Advances of the Vineyard of the Future Initiative in viticultural, sensory science and technology development - Sigfredo Fuentes and Roberta De Bei
  • Reduction in berry size induced by post-veraison shoot trimming in Sangiovese grapevines loosens clusters without compromising fruit quality - Bhaskar Bondada, Jose Ignacio Covarrubias, Paola Tessarin, Aparecida Conceicao Boliani, Gilmar Marodin, Adamo Domenico Rombola
  • Nothing sheepish about growing Montepulciano in the Barossa Valley - Andrew Kalleske
  • Cellar door tastings - to charge or not to charge? - Damien Wilson
  • Vineyards, wineries and brands - a year in review - Stephen Strachan
  • Sugar analysis - too many choices? - Eric Wilkes and Luke Warner
  • Impact of the 'Brexit' on Australian wine exports - Angelica Crabb
  • Making $20 plus Sauvignon Blanc stand out from the multitudes below
  • What’s special about $20+ Australian and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc?





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