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March-April 2016 (No. 2)


The March-April issue.
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  • Australia Day Tastings indicate a bright future for Australian wine in the UK and Ireland - Stuart Barclay
  • Harmonisation on the table at European Union talks - Tony Battaglene
  • Excitement ahead of the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference - Mardi Longbottom
  • American snakes and ladders - Part 1: China may be all the rage but reward for efforts also awaits in the US - Tony Keys
  • What piece of winery equipment can't you live without - could it be a lees crossflow filter? - Cathy Howard
  • A novel electrochemical approach for rapid analysis of white grape polyphenols and monitoring of pre-fermentative operations - Maurizio Ugliano, Jeremie Wirth, Stephanie Begrand, Jean-Baptiste Dieval and Stephane Vidal
  • Berry shrivel significantly alters Shiraz grape and wine composition - Katja Suklje, Xinyi Zhang, Guillaume Antalick, John W. Blackman, Andrew C. Clark, Leigh M. Schmidtke and Alain Deloire
  • In vino veritas - investigating technologies to fight wine fraud - Eric Wilkes, Martin Day, Markus Herderich and Dan Johnson
  • Vineyard terroir - is there a link with soil microbiology? - Melanie Weckert
  • Describing your soil - Geoff Kew
  • Grapevine scale - sucking the profits from vineyards - Tony Hoare
  • Vineyard nitrogen management and must and wine composition - Bruno Holzapfel and Michael Treeby
  • Impact of grape cluster zone defoliation, grape must clarification and yeast strain on TDN potential in cool climate wines - Armin Schuttler, Caroline Guthier, Manfred Stoll, Phillipe Darriet and Doris Rauhunt
  • Jim Barry Wines to release Australia's first commercial Assyrtiko this year
  • The 9(+1) talking points about the Australian wine retail sector
  • World wine trade in bulk grows, although with great differences - Rafael del Rey
  • Product innovation and authenticity: The case of wine - Bora Qesja, Roberta Crouch and Pascale Quester
  • The Trans Pacific Partnership - Mark Rowley
  • Making cool Shiraz
  • Who’s hot in cool climate Australian Shiraz?





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