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January-February 2016 (No. 1)


The January-February issue.
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  • Sustainability in the wine industry - Tony Battaglene
  • Exporting Australian fine wine to the world - Steve Guy
  • ASVO announces new board line-up and Fellow, bolsters industry collaboration - Mardi Longbottom
  • The Mother of Presidents nurtures a fledgling wine industry - but could it grow too big for its boots? - Tony Keys
  • Winery wastewater treatment and attaining sustainability - Mitch Laginestra
  • 1,4-cineole: A contributor to Australian Cabernet Sauvignon typicality - Guillaume Antalick, Sophie Tempere, Katja Suklje, John Blackman, Alain Deloire, Gilles de Revel and Leigh Schmidtke
  • Interactions between phenolics, alcohol and acidity in determining the mouthfeel and bitterness of white wine - Richard Gawel, Alex Schulkin, Martin Day, Alice Barker and Paul Smith
  • Assessing the environmental credentials of Australian wine - Tadro Abbott, Mardi Longbottom, Eric Wilkes and Dan Johnson
  • Effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on phenology, carbohydrates, yield and grape composition - preliminary results - Rachel Kilmister, Dale Unwin, Michael Treeby, Everard Edwards and Mark Krstic
  • Adapting to climate change: the role of canopy management and water use efficiency in vineyards - Mario de la Fuenta, Ruben Linares and Jose Ramon Lissarrague
  • Virus-associated Shiraz Disease may lead Shiraz to become an endangered variety in Australia - Nuredin Habili, Qi Wi and Vinay Pagay
  • Preventing trunk diseases in the vineyard: choosing the best practices - Kendra Baumgartner, Renaud Travadon and Jonathan Kaplan
  • The evolution of winegrapes - Part 2: Protecting the past to benefit the future - Tony Hoare
  • Graciano - bringing grace to the table - Frank van de Loo
  • The only way is up: Adapting to the consumer shift to more premium wine - Armando Maria Corsi and Mark Rowley
  • Food for thought for a new year - time to reboot back labels - Cathy Howard
  • Are Facebook fans really 'engaging' with our wine brands? A case study of Australian wine brand Facebook pages - Rebecca Dolan
  • Rising to the Riesling challenge in Tasmania
  • Tasmanian Rieslings take on the best from the Clare and Eden Valleys

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