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November-December 2015 (No. 6)


The November-December issue.
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  • Hydrogen sulphide production by yeast during alcoholic fermentation: mechanisms and mitigation - Matthew Dahabieh, Jessica Swanson, Eleni Kinti and John Husnik
  • Minimising the risk of wine spoilage - Alana Seabrook
  • Applying the latest understanding of grape composition - Paul Smith, Alex Schulkin, Stella Kassara, Sheriden Barter, Mark Solomon, Wies Cynkar, Dimitra Capone, Leigh Francis, Keren Bindon and Dan Johnson
  • Everything that's old is new again - reworking in Australian vineyards - Tony Hoare
  • Delayed grape ripening - more spice - Christopher Davies, Christine Bottcher and Paul Boss
  • Wrapping arms for cordon establishment could be a stressful practice for grapevines - Luciano Caravia, Cassandra Collins, Jana Shepherd and Stephen Tyerman
  • Soil structure of 'pedality' - Geoff Kew
  • Canopy management crucial for botrytis-sensitive Friulano - Joel Pizzini
  • Harvest need not be a risky business - Cathy Howard
  • Independent contractor, labour hire worker or employee? - Sarah Hills
  • They came, they like and they buy: Turning tourists into long-term customers - Richard Lee, Armando Corsi, Justin Cohen and Larry Lockshin
  • The sun also rises: Trade deal lifts Japan exports - Anthony Fensom
  • Water issues emerge again - Mark Rowley
  • Making sparkling wine from varieties other than the usual suspects
  • Apps to help bring research to the vineyard - Liz Waters
  • Managing export market risk: the case of maximum residue limits to agrichemicals - Tony Battaglene
  • UK and US markets: it's not the arrival but the journey - Tony Keys
  • Murky winemaking: How juice solids affect the macromolecular composition and mouthfeel of white wine - Richard Gawel, Martin Day, Alex Schulkin and Paul Smith
  • A bo!le of bubbles can be made from varieties other than the usual suspects but do they sparkle?

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