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May-June 2015 (No. 3)


The May-June issue.
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  • Phase out WET rebate and redirect funds to boost export efforts - Chester Osborn
  • Market development update: working together to build demand for Australian wine - Stuart Barclay
  • Further cuts to the costs of shipping wine samples overseas on the cards - Tony Battaglene
  • Little and large - what is the future of the cask and half bottles? - Tony Keys
  • Whole bunch fermentation: a wild card inclusion in red winemaking - Cathy Howard
  • Micro-oxygenation and its impact on polyphenols and sensory characteristics of Pinot Noir - Dominik Durner, Patrick Nickolaus and Hai-Linh Trieu
  • A new look at an old practice: how sulfur dioxide additions influence microbial diversity during fermentation - Michael L. Swadener and David A. Mills
  • Unravelling the capricious nature of Oenococcus oeni - Anthony Borneman, Eveline Bartowsky, Peter Costello, Peter Sternes, Paul Chambers, Markus Herderich and Dan Johnson
  • A new robot for vineyard monitoring
  • A sub-standard standard - Richard Smart
  • Highlights from the 9th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases - Mark Sosnowski
  • Grapevine Pinot Gris virus - a tricky virus around the corner? - Nuredin Habili
  • Current trends and future predictions for Australian viticulture - Part 2: The Golden Era - Potential opportunities and barriers to future success for Australian viticulture
  • Potential rootzones - where are your roots? - Geoff Kew
  • Teroldego - "You never get better than this one" - Greg O'Keefe
  • Optimising the impact of wine education on Asian consumers: training with Western or Chinese terminology - Armando Corsi, Justin Cohen and Larry Lockshin
  • Early results of the Free Trade Agreement with Japan - Mark Rowley
  • Wine avoiders in five countries: potential for adopting wine as an alcoholic beverage of choice - Linda Ovington; Anthony Saliba and Johan Bruwer
  • Varietal Report - lesser-known Italian whites
  • Victorians star in lesser known Italian whites tasting

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