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January-February 2015 (No. 1)


The January-February issue.
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  • Reminding Australian drinkers: there’s no place like home - Aaron Brasher
  • 2015 – The year ahead - Tony Battaglene
  • New faces at the ASVO - Mardi Longbottom
  • Wine exporting: understanding the ins and outs – Part 1 - Tony Keys
  • Copper fining of sulfidic off-odours – some complex white wine chemistry with practical outcomes - Andrew Clark, Natalie Cleghorn, Paris Grant-Preece,Geoff Scollary
  • Pulsed electric fields: a technology for improving phenolic extraction in red wines - Elisa Luengo, Ignacio Alvarez, Javier Raso
  • Application of molecular biology in wineries - Alana Seabrook
  • Applying spectral technology to improve winemaking efficiency - Peter Godden, Neil Scrimgeour, Eric Wilkes, Wies Cynkar, Dan Johnson
  • Business sustainability and resilience – size doesn’t matter - Cathy Howard
  • Climate change: science, risks and responses - Will Steffen
  • Ramsey and 110 Richter rootstocks perform well under water stress conditions in South Australia’s Barossa Valley - Catherine M. Kidman, Sandra Olarte Mantilla, Peter R. Dry, Michael G. McCarthy, Cassandra Collins
  • Peter Belej – an A-grade grower, an A-grade bloke - Tony Hoare
  • Wrapping arms for cordon establishment: is it a stressful practice for grapevines? - Luciano Ricardo Caravia Bayer, Cassandra Collins, Jana Shepherd, Stephen Tyerman
  • New app to help vine nurseries and growers evaluate the quality of planting material while workshop focuses on standards - Helen Waite
  • Dal Zotto pioneers Australian Prosecco in the King Valley - Michael Dal Zotto
  • Trial-purchase-repurchase of the brand: How does a cellar door visit impact future sales? - Johan Bruwer, Larry Lockshin, Anthony Saliba, Martin Hirche
  • The thin green line – the legal dangers of green marketing and how to do it safely - Kyra Reznikov
  • Price, prestige and the sensory perception of underdog wines - Robert H. Ashton
  • What every wine brand needs to know about on-premise in China - Armando Corsi, Justin Cohen, Larry Lockshin
  • The age old problem of maturing wine consumers - Mark Rowley
  • All that sparkles – Consumer perceptions of sparkling wine - Naomi R. Verdonk, Julie A. Culbert, Kerry L. Wilkinson
  • Raising the roof with Roussanne
  • Savoury and textural Roussanne – the red wine drinker’s white





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