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July-August 2014 (No. 4)


The July-August issue.
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  • The International Organisation of Vine and Wine and the Australian wine sector - Tony Battaglene
  • Nominations for ASVO Awards for Excellence now open - Paul Petrie
  • The reasons for raising a red flag to the use of the term ‘orange’ - Steve Guy
  • Tasmania – the path divides - Tony Keys
  • Oxygen – another tool for the winemaker’s kit bag - Cathy Howard
  • Australian winemakers’ views towards oak barrel alternatives matures - Mark O’Callaghan
  • What a robot can tell you about the quality of your sparkling wine: share a glass with FIZZeye-Robot - Sigfredo Fuentes, Bruna Condé, Maeva Caron, Sonja Needs, Bart Tesselaar, Jeffrey Hollingworth, Daniel Fraser, Richard Collmann and Kate Howell
  • Perceived minerality in wine: a sensory reality? - Jordi Ballester, Mihaela Mihnea, Dominique Peyron and Dominique Valentin
  • Vintage 2014 – trends from the AWRI helpdesk - Adrian Coulter, Geoff Cowey, Peter Dry, Marcel Essling, Matt Holdstock, Creina Stockley, Con Simos and Dan Johnson
  • Water – can you afford it? - Tony Hoare
  • Cover crop water use in relation to vineyard floor management practices - Michela Centinari, Ilaria Filippetti, Taryn Bauerle, Gianluca Allegro, Gabriele Valentini and Stefano Poni
  • Carignan – the unmasking of an imposter - Peter Dry and Nick Dry
  • Smarter thinking on terroir - Rob Bramley
  • Albarino – one of life’s more interesting journeys - Doug Bell
  • Economic research studies on heavy drinking and alcohol prices: what do systematic reviews demonstrate? - Jon P. Nelson
  • Why do people avoid wine? Comparisons across Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and India - Linda Ovington, Erica McIntyre, Anthony Saliba and Johan Bruwer
  • Forget special occasions, it is time to relax in China - Justin Cohen, Armando Maria Corsi and Larry Lockshin
  • Global wine shipments down in volume but up in value - Mark Rowley
  • Wine tourism: the French exception - Damien Wilson
  • Sparkling wine production in the southeast of England - Pascal Marty and Peter Dry
  • Delivering delectable Dolcetto
  • Fragile Dolceo takes on multiple forms





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