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March-April 2014 (No. 2)


The March-April issue.
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  • Trade priorities and strategy – Australian wine sector - Tony Battaglene
  • Protecting the reputation of Australian wine – Australia’s regulatory system - Steve Guy
  • America: for and against! - Tony Keys
  • Floating through vintage – what’s changed in 20 years? - Cathy Howard
  • The influence of alcohol on the sensory perception of red wines - Ellena S. King, Randall L. Dunn and Hildegarde Heymann
  • Tannin: impacts and opportunities along the value chain - Paul Smith, Keren Bindon, Jacqui McRae, Stella Kassara and Dan Johnson
  • Benefits and pitfalls of field grafting winegrapes – Part 1 - Tony Hoare
  • Choosing biological indicators for monitoring vineyard soil quality - Jacky Edwards, Ian Porter, David Riches, Danni Oliver, Rob Bramley, Belinda Rawnsley and Bob White
  • Vintage 2030 and beyond: Producing quality wines in warmer times - Mark Krstic and Snow Barlow
  • Tasmanian wine is ripe for investment - Richard Smart
  • Sensational Souzao – if not every year
  • Strategies to improve profitability in the winery - Ben Caw and Paul Fenn
  • Feeling the flavour: the wine industry gets emotional - Sue Bastian, Renata Ristic, Trent Johnson and Annet Hoek
  • Preliminary insights into the regional characteristics of Australian Shiraz - Trent E. Johnson, Anne Hasted, Renata Ristic and Susan E.P. Bastian
  • ‘Writing to learn’ or ‘learning to write’: Is there a place for self-reported reviews in wine education? - Dr Justin Cohen, Dr Armando Corsi and Professor Larry Lockshin
  • Packaging in the US off-trade wine market - Mark Rowley
  • Exploring the options for ‘alternative’ rose
  • What’s the world doing in grape and wine research? Part 1 - Sonya Logan
  • ‘Alternative’ rosés – don’t judge them by their colour





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