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November-December 2013 (No. 6)


The November-December issue.
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  • Keeping the Savour flavour once the world’s wine trade has departed - James Gosper
  • Highlights of ASVO Awards for Excellence and natural wine debate - Paul Petrie
  • Time for the action to begin - Paul Evans
  • All the fun of the fair – Part 1 - Tony Keys
  • If there are ‘natural’ wines, then are conventionally-made wines ‘unnatural’? - Cathy Howard
  • Wild yeast fermentation can allow chemical and sensory differentiation in red and white wines - Simon Dillon, Vladimir Jiranek and Paul Grbin
  • Novel wine yeast for improved performance in fermentation - T. Liccioli, M.E. Walker, J.F. Sundstrom, J.M. Gardner and V. Jiranek
  • The influence of commercial hybrid yeast strains on the composition and sensory profile of Granite Belt Chardonnay - Ursula Kennedy, Edward Horton and Dylan Rhymer
  • Optimising fermentation through simulation - Richard Muhlack, Neil Scrimgeour, Eric Wilkes, Peter Godden and Dan Johnson
  • Vintage operations in real time – creating value through improved efficiency
  • The effect of grape variety and smoking duration on the accumulation of smoke taint compounds in wine - Nicole Cain, Fred Hancock, Peter Rogers and Mark Downey
  • Understanding trunk diseases: how and why they threaten the wine industry - Helen Waite
  • Tasmania’s own Pinot Noir clones - Richard Smart
  • Bird control – damned if you do, damned if you don’t - Tony Hoare
  • Tasmania flies the flag for Schönburger in Australia - Sonya Logan
  • How large could Australia’s wine exports to China become by 2018? - Kym Anderson and Glyn Wittwer
  • Developing a Chinese lexicon for wine - Dr Armando Corsi, Dr Justin Cohen and Professor Larry Lockshin
  • The UK wine market – An enigma, with variations? - Richard Halstead
  • What’s cool about Prosecco?
  • Prosecco – beyond a celebratory drink





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