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July-August 2013 (No. 4)


The July-August issue.
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  • Banking on the wine industry - Tony Keys
  • Trunk diseases... a larger threat than phylloxera? - Richard Smart
  • Revisiting extended maturation of white wines ‘sur lies’ - Cathy Howard
  • Incidence of some oenological parameters on the content of sotolon in white wines - Valerie Lavigne, Alexandre Pons, Philippe Darriet and Denis Dubourdieu
  • Concrete egg vats – are they all they’re cracked up to be?
  • What’s in a label? - Leanne Hoxey, Creina Stockley, Eric Wilkes and Dan Johnson
  • Making every drop count – advancements in water budgeting tools - Tony Hoare
  • Variation amongst rootstocks in the tolerance of grafted Chardonnay vines to lethal water-stress - Rob Stevens, Tim Pitt, Mark Skewes, Joanne Pech and Phil Nicholas
  • Night-time plant water loss: the unseen process for local and global water footprint and water balance estimations in grapevines - Sigfredo Fuentes, Roberta De Bei and Stephen Tyerman
  • In search of resistance to grapevine trunk diseases - Mark Sosnowski, Matthew Ayers, Trevor Wicks and Michael McCarthy
  • Pathogenicity of fungi causing botryosphaeria dieback of grapevines in Australia - Wayne Pitt, Rujuan Huang, Christopher Steel and Sandra Savocchia
  • Michelini makes its mark with Marzemino - Greg O’Keefe
  • The position of Australian Chardonnay in the world-wide flavour map - Anthony Saliba, John Blackman and Leigh Schmidtke
  • Time for the wine industry to marshal its mavericks to target consumers - Richard Halstead
  • Bringing out the best in Barbera
  • Barbera, Queen of Tarts





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